In an effort to improve our services, we are asking our valued referrers to fill out the following survey. Because you have established yourself as a supporter of the Magnetic Imaging Center, we value your opinion and are willing to seriously consider any advice you are willing to offer us.

Please fill out the survey, adding any comments you feel would be helpful to us.

Thank you, in advance, for your time and sincere comments. We look forward to a continued business partnership. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to call us at 717.920.5103.

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What types of MRI cases do you normally refer?
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Do your practitioners feel they have enough information (indications) to order MRI for our newest technologies (i.e., breast, cardiac, abdominal)?
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Have you ever attended one of our clinical dinner lectures?
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Would you be interested in receiving information about them?
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How does your office like to receive your patients’ MRI results?
Film CD Just the report Internet

When you receive a report, do you prefer that it be:
Mailed Faxed Both

In your office, who makes outside diagnostic testing referrals for your patients? (name/s, if possible)

How do they determine where a patient should go?
Insurance Locale Quality
Ease of scheduling Reputation of facility
Patient comfort level

Do you receive your MRI report in a timely manner without having to request it?
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Would you be interested in having us conduct an informational luncheon for your staff in your office? (Provide us with a contact name, title, and phone number of your office representative with whom we can make arrangements)



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